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Why Advertise on ?

We're the Advertising Leader in (and Surrounding Areas!)

When it comes to Online Advertising and Internet Marketing in and the surrounding areas, we're leading the pack.

With thousands of pages online, chances are you've been on one of our websites before.

Let's Look at some Numbers & Stats

traffic varies depending on the post. You can read the details below. But it's all good. If you are looking to reach a quality audience in and the surrounding area you can stop your search here. But there's some secrets to our special sauce for Advertising Success... keep reading.

Largest Online Publisher in

Does 60,000 pages sound like a lot to you? Well it is! Our websites (just like the one you're viewing right now) have thousands of pages published online.. (60,000 is a conservative estimate.) Most of these pages get viewed thousands of times day after day. The content changes frequently becuase events expire and we take the pages offline. So we're not talking about outdated content or events that repeat every week for 30 years (like some town planning websites we've seen). These are relevant and timely pages of information, ready to show ads from our sponsors.
  We have the largest reach in .

Top of Google - #1 and Top 3 Year after Year

Getting to the top of Google is no small task. Our popular websites not only showcase our abilities but also bring loads of traffic to our sponsor advertisements. We've held number one ranking in Google for years. And we continue to dominate the search results for many popular phrases in .
  People find us because we are at the top of Google.

We're Not Just One Website

We have a network of popular local websites. Maybe you've heard of some of our sites before. Here's the list. Each one of these sites has a unique following in their respective local communities. The combined pages of our entire network gives us the largest online network in the area. (This doesn't include our blogs!)
  Our Network of popular websites creates more exposure for advertisers.

8 Minutes Per Page View (the Average is 10 Seconds!)

People actually read our pages! We have an average time-on-page of eight minutes. This is great for sponsors. The more time spent on each page, the greater exposure for our advertisers. With our propritary Ad Carrossel Technology, our advertisers greatly benefit from the increased time spent on each page.
  People spend time on our site. Lots more time to see ads.

Hey Good Lookin'

As far as demographics go, here's some information you'll be glad to hear. Our readers are well educated and affluent. They're interested in culture and the finer things in life. That's why they're here! Most of our visitors view our pages on multiple devices, expensive desktop computers, tablets and ipads, as well as high-tech smart phones. These are not red-necks. The use of high-tech gadgets on our sites tells us that our site visitors have some extra cash that can be spent when they see an inticing offer from one of our sponsor advertisements.
  Our readers are smart with some extra cash to spend on sponsor offerings.

26% Bounce Rate (This is Very Very Good)

Far below the average! Most websites brag about a Bounce Rate of 50% or higher. It is very common for a good website to have a bounce rate of 60%. Every website has a certain amount of spammy traffic so there will always be some bounces. A Bounce is when someone gets to your website page and leaves immediately. With a super low bounce rate, we can tell that when people find our content, they stay.
  People stick around because they like what they see. (including ads)

We Are What We Are

At we don't pretend to be something that we're not. We do what we do because we love doing it. It's a blast. And we know that when people see what we're doing they will want to get on board with us and support us by advertising on our pages. So even though it's common for smalltown () news and magazine websites (not mentioning any names, cough cough) to falsly report on their website traffic because they like to pretend that they are the same size as the LA Times. We know we're not that big. No one here is that big. And we'll be the first to tell you that with a smalltown population, there's a limit to the number of website visitors any website will get here in . However, we're proud to let you know that we are at the top in . And a small number (around 30) of local businesses (the smart ones!) will enjoy the exposure that comes from advertising on .
  We don't jack up our stats just to get sponsors - like some news and magazine sites do.

Prominent Display Advertising on Every Page

We're leading the way in Online Advertising for . Read on to see what makes us so unique.

1. We're the Most Innovative

We're thinking outside of the box when it comes to advertising in . On , we've created proprietary technology that is powering our ad server. We can find your audience by Geo Targeting, Interest-based Targeting, or Time-Driven Data targeting. We're the first and (so far) only publisher to provide this kind of fine-tuned advertising technology.
  We are the Leader in using the latest technology for advertising online.

2. Print Distribution Exceeds 360k!

Each of the websites in our network averages over 60,000 pages in print online - month after month. This gives us a whopping 360,000 opportunities to show ads from our sponsors. But that's just for one visitor. And we have many thousands every day. With so many pages being published on a daily basis, viewed by so many visitors, our sponsors get their ads seen on more than any other website. To compare this to advertising in a newspaper, TV show or print magazine... It would be like if we had a 60 thousand page magazine, that was printed and read by almost 100,000 people every month. The number is too big to imagine. The potential exposure for our advertisers is Ginormous!
  360,000 opportunities to show ads from our sponsors. (At a Minimum!)

3. Our Ads Are the Most Viewed in

Our proprietary Ad Carrossel technology allows us to show ads even while the user is not clicking. Each display category allows just 3 sponsors to share that spot. And no one else. You'll notice the soft dissolve transition from one ad into another. While most websites just randomly show ads, our ad server delivers ads sequentially and with equal distribution.
  More people see ads on our sites than any other.

4. Scrolling Is No Problemo

As users scroll down the page, our ad blocks stay right where they started, visible at all times. Users have to scroll. It can't be avoided. But there's no reason the ads have to. So we made them stay locked in place. The user scrolls down but the ads stay right there. The result is more screentime for our advertisers.
  Our ads stay in place while the user scrolls.

5. No One Comes Close - We're the First To Market

The combination of all this technology and marketing know-how gives us a 1, 2, 3 punch. No other website in is using technology to this degree. And no other website is leveraging this technology to power an online advertising and marketing powerhouse like we're doing. We're the first to market.
  No one else can match our combination of proprietary web technology and marketing know-how!

The image below shows how prominent our Advertising banners are on each page. Our Ads are top of page. They stay there even when the user is scrolling. And the Shared Advertising packages allow for only 3 sponsors (Max) to hold a site category.
We are hands down the Best-Buy in Online Display Advertising for . See for yourself!

Custom packages and discounts are available for quantity/commitment purchases.

Space is sold out fast, use our Request Info form if you have any further questions.

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